simple, simple


Laugh if you think it's funny.

Cry if you are sad.

Be cautious around people who try too hard to entertain you.

Wear bright colors in winter.

Take a good book with you everywhere.

Lick the crumbs from your fingers.

Keep a straw in your milk.

Announce when you are ready for bed.

Ask to be held when you are hurt.

Sing your songs out loud.

Be unapologetic with your mess-making.

Don't eat what doesn't taste good.

Feel every inch of the stairs you're climbing.

Close your eyes when someone blows into them.

Clutch the things that comfort you.

Be selective with what you share.

Say exactly what you mean.

Don't fight your tiredness.

Don't think too hard.

Shimmy with joy.


Love unreservedly.

Rest fully.

Be exactly who you are.