unlikely destinations



Who knew late March would bring me to Brooklyn and Pensacola in the same week?


I just spent 3 days with 6 marvelously strong, creative, fascinating women. We met up in a Brooklyn brownstone last Friday afternoon and nestled and gabbed and ate and walked and shared stories and talked about the things we cared about and asked questions and got a lot of love and laughed and sang and slept and bonded. Jen Lee was responsible for all of these shenanigans, and I'm so thankful to have been invited into the fold of this gathering. All weekend, I felt relaxed and energized and held in the most marvelous way.


And because I'm such a glutton for vacation, I flew down to Florida today to visit Marilyn and David, who I met on my Tour de Word adventure this past fall when I came through Dahlonega, Georgia. They have a second home in Pensacola, and I am writing from their guest bedroom after a full afternoon of catching up and cold beer on their porch and homemade kale and bean soup and cornbread and tandem poetry and more catching up. I'll be here for the next 3 days, soaking up some warmth (it was in the low 80s today) and basking in the sweetness of these two, who I fell in love with instantly when I met them. I call them my adoptive Southern parents, because if I'd been raised in the South, I'd have wanted them to do it.


I feel like such a lucky girl, to have been gifted this time with two sets of such quality people. I feel lucky to have the flexibility to leave home for a week and step into other homes and soak up the love and kindness that lives there. I didn't realize that I needed it, but it turns out I do.


I guess sometimes you need to go away to know where you are.