postcards from Hawaii


It's impossible, of course, not to take pictures of the sunset, or palm trees, or the view of the ocean from the lanai. It's impossible to ignore the fuschias, and the passionflowers, and the smell of citrus dancing in the breeze. It's impossible not to order a sweet, fruity rum cocktail from the beach bar, impossible not to sink teeth down into the thick slice of pineapple that comes with it. It's impossible to ignore the chipper chorus of morning birds, or the sound of high tide, or the moonscape of hardened lava driving up the coast. It's impossible to ignore the call to swim, to walk straight into the water and not look back. It's impossible to move fast, to barrel through the day, to throw your body into the spin cycle it came from. It's impossible not to find a hundred moments of stillness and sanity in the hour before the light disappears. It's impossible to resist this place, the slight moisture and sweetness in the air, the warmth in the evenings, the wind like a song sung just for you.