Hipstamatic roadtrip


I drove down yesterday afternoon to Santa Monica, to visit the fabulous Christine for a few days. I felt almost rebellious leaving home, having been back from Houston for only a week, and the thrill of being on a roadtrip set in soon after I passed Palo Alto, which is often the furthest south I get on 280.



Soon, I settled into the drive, and the change of scenery - from the flat farmlands of Gilroy to the rolling hills and lushness of the central coast, then the tropical expanse of palms and white sand beaches from Santa Barbara southward - made me feel like I was going a lot further than 7 hours away. There's something about roadtrips, the way the highway unfurls before you with the promise of the unexpected, those yellow lines leading you somewhere you can't quite know. How the sky looks brighter, not even 2 hours from home. How a gas station can feel like an oasis, and a rest stop can bridge the divide between drivers.


Somewhere after the exit for Monterey, the trip began to feel rather epic, so I thought it fitting to catalog this brief journey through the Hipstamatic application on my phone. And as much as I feel like it's cheating to use technology to achieve results that "real" photographers would be able to accomplish on your own, I realized that this wasn't the time to be a purist. The light was too beautiful for that.


I rolled into Santa Monica just when the sun was beginning to set. And settled into a bar to wait for Christine to come meet me. And then we went home where I found a few other wonderful surprises waiting.