Day 4

A day of unhurried movement. I am so grateful for the rest, for the good weather, for the water, for the liquid way Evan skates, for Charlie's near-instant success wakeboarding, for my own persistence despite the falls, for Sammy's stories and Zach's imagination, for Danielle's welcome and ease and wicked sense of humor, for Tadd's f-bombs and kindness, for Lola's lolling, for the arrival of friends and the seamless way they slip in to play. I am grateful for cornhole and Barron's gentle competitiveness, for Tito's and Fresca and fresh raspberries, for Jen's raunch and compassion, for boat spray and homemade chicken enchiladas and 80s music and the clinging smell of bonfires and Amy's hand on my neck at midnight. I am grateful for long driveways and wide lawns and love in all of its bumpy little forms. And I'm grateful to be a little on the quiet side, soaking it all in.

More photos from the day are here: