And the re-organization begins in earnest. Clipboards with yellow pads. Checklists. The plumber who came to check the leak. A quick Costco run, and a roast chicken for dinner. A video call to make sure the new online class interface is working. Evan to the doctor to get X-rays on a scrunched foot still bruisy and painful. And yet, despite the mechanics of this morning, I find myself a little on the dreamy side. Looking at real estate in North Carolina. Registering a domain name for a website about a project that feels so gigantic in terms of logistics that I don't have the mental capacity to understand it all just yet. Letting the hamster wheel of my imagination spin itself into a delirious little tizzy. The difficult conversation about Thanksgiving is mostly behind us. The jam-packed weekend has receded. The dog is snoozing next to me on this soft, grey couch I'm writing on, her eyes half-open as if in preparation for the mailman to come, or the boys to get home, or some other splash of activity that will lift her out of her repose and have her wagging toward the front door.