rental car research

The last few days (strange, after all the warm weather), I've been craving trees. Specifically, their autumnal incarnations. Where I live there are too many cars. The houses are close together, almost touching. The town has cut so many trees down the main thoroughfare that the street feels naked without them. Yesterday's rain and wind blew down so many leaves of the scanty population of trees that remain, I wondered if I would miss the season entirely. And so this morning, an urge to find it. My mother's house is tucked in a town where the ratio of Nature to humans is in Nature's favor, and I always imagine going there when I need the kind of visceral confirmation that Nature offers, something about aliveness and perspective and feeling one's place in the grander scheme of things. And so, this morning, a rental car search, and train schedules, and bus options. Maybe I'll go and maybe I won't, but it's good to know there are options.