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What is Feral Writing?

Do you remember those moments in childhood when you "ran wild," the times you were encouraged to explore and engage with the world around you on your own terms?

Feral Writing taps into this same joy of spontaneity and discovery, seeking to explore the electric connections and currents of our hidden world, and to follow that journey with words. More than a traditional writing workshop, Feral Writing workshops offer participants the opportunity to let loose and take risks, while at the same time refining writing instincts, developing better editing skills, and developing a writing practice that sticks.

Feral Writing presumes that you have an innate intelligence about the stories you want to write about, yet are seeking access points and directional support to navigate though the writing itself. Through a series of often playful, sometimes fierce, and always stimulating prompts and exercises, you will hone these instincts, find resourceful and reliable techniques to harness your creativity, and strengthen and sustain your commitment to your writing.


How Does it Work?

Prompts, discussions, exercises, and interaction with other participants will help provide inspiration, engagement, and follow-through. You will have ample opportunities to share your work and receive feedback from other participants. I also offer personalized editorial guidance throughout each class session.

Depending on class size, Feral Writing workshops are conducted through an interactive program that creates a virtual classroom for participants. Once registered, participants will receive an access code that will enable them to log on to the class. When they sign in, they will find that week's discussions, prompts and exercises, as well as links and other information. This secure log-in will also allow participants to upload writing to share.

These online workshops will offer flexibility for those with a demanding work schedule or whose lives make it difficult to join in a "live" class. Class materials will be available throughout the course and afterward, for those who would to return to the work or revisit past posts and prompts.


Classes and Costs

Please visit "classes" to learn more about upcoming workshops and costs, and also to register for any of the Feral Writing class offerings.


For more information:

If you'd like to find more information about Feral Writing or working with me, please contact me.