Various and Sundry Poetry

where to?for kirsten

ignore the weathered pathway,
the chiseled directions
the far-off, fragrant promise.

ignore the wind
the ardor
your impeccable standards for safety.

ignore speed.
the expectation of a handrail.

ignore the outlook,
the voluptuous fantasy,
the glossy, glimmered possibilities.

ignore your shoes
the rip in your striped socks
the small fissures of doubt or disappointment.

this is where you are.
this is the only place you can possibly be.

even if
no one else is visible for miles
and you want, more than anything,
to stop the pending disaster of your legs,
to surrender that piece of yourself that still hopes.

do not swivel from your purpose.
do not dash yourself against the sand, striking innocent driftwood.
do not turn around, back to the parking lot
where your old car idles, leaking its silly, extravagant oil.

even when the sidewalk ends,
there is a sea somewhere just beyond,
waiting for you.