10-Line Tuesday

March 1, 2011


Unconditional love. The retrieval of every lost thing. A massage that reaches
behind the space where pain is and pulls it out forever. Clean scans. World peace.
A cache of water in every desert, metaphorical or otherwise. The beaches
free of plastic and orphaned whales. Age-reversing lotion for that damned crease
in the middle of my forehead. A cure for the incurable. The list is so stubbornly
endless. I could stare at that page for hours and be struck by an inertia
of otherworldly proportions. Where do you even begin? In the park, I see
a father teaching his son how to skateboard. The boy has the look of a
jack rabbit, full of skittery joy. This is all he ever wanted, to sail through the air
on wheels, and he will keep trying, keep trying until he gets there.