10-Line Tuesday

November 13, 2012

You have to be an outlaw
with thanks to Wolf Pascoe of www.justaddfather.com
Be disobedient. Spill the beans of your desire to those
who are the first to shut you down. Wear a tutu to the office party. Hula hoop
on the front lawn while the neighbors ogle, in secret, from their living rooms.
Hold hands in the bedlam of a supermarket. Walk the gangplank loop
of your greatest fear in a fit of rebellious laughter. Expunge your regret
for the mess you left behind, and don’t say “Yes” when what you really mean is
“I can’t help you anymore.” Sometimes, you have to be an outlaw, shoot straight
from the gut out of the corral keeping you from your big, wild ride. You are here because
nothing is more important than the sound a heart pounding its singular, stubborn song
into the atmosphere. Make a dance of your grief. Bury the blame for what went wrong.