10-Line Tuesday

October 23, 2012

recipe for soup

Open the door. Peer in. Push into the furthest edge.
Move aside what won’t mix well or overpower.
Find the remnants of what you’ve lost or simply forgotten. Dredge
up the slim stalk, the threadbare bunch, the nearly bitter, the almost sour.
Find an apt container. Think of what will hold it all, not just
the heart but the space around it. Turn up the heat - a fast boil - then
simmer. Step away. Do something else while everything coalesces, as it must.
You did what you could with what you had and it’s not a matter of what, but when.
In time, it will have made itself, found new life in what you'd thought was fallow.
Bend low. See how history’s brought you here. Taste the truth before you swallow.