10-Line Tuesday

June 5, 2012

may we be forgiven

How we stumble into epiphany, some nondescript lunch with a friend
sending us reeling, or a cloud in the shape of a school bus or that favorite
stuffed toy from childhood, or the accident that happened
to someone else, or the unexpected heartbreak from a TV commercial, or the knit
of an elderly couple's hands, or an empty shopping cart weaving
through a broken parking lot. May we be forgiven our reckless abandon, our
quick escape, our sudden detour or shrinking exit. We are rarely graceful with our grieving,
and even less so when it's finally time to leave the old story slicing us with failure.
I promise: each untidy moment has its purpose, a crack in the window meant for breaking.
The rest of your life is calling your name, shattering toward waking.