10-Line Tuesday

May 29, 2012

this is for you

Because the hour is calling for groceries instead of poetry,
and the laundry list is weighing down your clothesline, and the wind
has kicked up so much dust, and your lungs are needling you to stay,
and the broom for sweeping out dissatisfaction has thinned
to a useless fistful of straw, and because you are tired of the silence and the fear
and just as tired of the noise you make to run from both, and because the wheel that turns
the big body of your life has met with a detour you are unsure it will clear,
and because something in you is looming so large it is rattling your very bones.
This is for you. This space, this breath, this pause before the doorway’s edge.
Let softness be your strength, and humility, your courage.