10-Line Tuesday

August 14, 2012


These days, your past loves are hard to miss: you saw one cavorting
on the cliffs of Norway just yesterday, images you scanned from a living room
just a few miles west of the Lincoln Tunnel. Why you went scouring and sorting
through those pictures you don’t know, but there you were, in the summer gloom
of Scandinavia, catching the split second of a BASE jump off a 3,000-foot cliff.
It’s not that you wanted to be on that thrill ride – you had already been tossed
and turned more than you cared to admit. So maybe it was just getting a last whiff
of the life you'd turned down, the “no” that gave you back what you had lost.
Now you’re finally ready. This old scene has reached its fraying end.
You point your finger to the screen, swallow hard, press Send.