10-Line Tuesday

December 25, 2012

dashing and bold

I know. You are sputtering to an imminent halt on these last legs of the year,
gutting it out with your holiday smile and the tins of sugar-treats and the curlicues of bows
hugging gifts boxes as they nudge each other off the pedestal in the race to be opened first.
I know. You would love, more than anything, to tuck into a good book, a quiet snowfall,
a seasoned fire, a blank canvas of an evening that has you musing about your possible future,
dashing and bold as it is. Keep this close, as you wind down your chaotic dinners
and take yet another trip to the curb with a plastic bag stuffed with wrapping.
Remember the lapping of those low flames, the solid handle of your favorite mug,
the pages turning as the story fans out into the night. The moon is winking in certain knowledge.
The face you are trying to find in the dark has been smiling at you this whole time.