10-Line Tuesday

October 1, 2013

there should be a parade

Streams of confetti at each load washed and folded. Bleacher cheers
in the grocery aisles, and the Wave once the dinner dishes are cleared
and the kids are done studying for their math test. A mascot leading the charge
through doctors' visits, oil changes, phone calls, checklists. A theme song
punching the air like a fist, cleaving the blur and monotony into sharp, electric beauty.
There should be a parade - for you, for me, for all of us putting one unceremonious foot
in front of the other. The town should close its streets for us, declare a holiday.
Let's do it anyway. Frame a photograph of someone we love. Open the door
to a necessary stranger. Slice an apple into eighths and dip it in honey.
Fill our sweetness into any empty pockets we can find.