10-Line Tuesday

July 16, 2013

courage, day 3 **

This is a doorway, a doorway.
A field of energy so deep and electric that it encompasses us all.
There is no choice in what we see,
what story we tell and call truth.
Be the leaf that's willing to drop from the tree.
Dream of a dinner table.
Wondrous birth.
Remember you can say things. And forgive.
Don't forget about the volume and density of a page. Tell yourself
this will not be the last time. This is a doorway, a doorway.

** This week's poem is brought to you by participants in my Summer Writing Camp for Adults. I invited them to share a line or two from their writing this week, and I am weaving them together here along with a line or two of my own. Thank you to Katherine Ferrier, Kate Godin, Amy Lee Czadzeck, Nancy Lustgarten, and Sarah Wingerter for the privilege of working with you, and for everything you are teaching me in the process.