10-Line Tuesday

July 9, 2013

behind the scenes

The neighbor behind us has five rows of empty fruit boxes stacked under the eaves
of his back deck. Next door, Tammy - tucked into workout Spandex -
drags the recyclables to the curb. Down the street, Debbie’s getting her daughter ready
for art camp, and I’m certain Jake is thinking about his next pair of high tops.
Nina, not yet 12, is finding the words to the next chapter of her novel, and her mother
is wondering, again, how she will fit into this strange town she’s trying to call home.
Here, the coffee is strong, and the dog is doing her best to be patient.
Still, her tail wags indiscriminately, and her eagerness for a walk remains undiminished
since yesterday. I understand her perfectly. The world is always whispering
on the other side of the screen door. We are building the map, inch by inch.