10-Line Tuesday

December 24, 2013

for you and you alone

This is not for clever wrapping or the taut loops of a perfect bow.
Not the finishing touch on the puppy pile of boxes under a lit-up tree.
This is not the final forage down the retail corridors, sweating inside a too-
warm coat. Not the extravagance of an overnight shipping fee
to make sure it gets there in time. I know one more pressurized present
will have you running for the hills. So here. Take this roughed-out gap
between urgencies to wreak a small havoc of silence. Find the stolen rift
of minutes where no stove-pot needs stirring, when you can simply…stop.
This is for you and you alone, this brief shard in the day stripped of tape and string,
where your heart – that loyal muscle – finds a gift in everything.