10-Line Tuesday

April 1, 2014

wood, poems, coffee
for Laurie

The day, a series of unconnectable chapters. Bends in the road that lead
to a construction site in full swing or worse, a dead end with a sign that says
"Turn back." What interrupts plans, collides with good
intentions, tips the equilibrium we've been fighting against the sways
and sputters of everything that touches us. And how sometimes, our own
life begs for a divorce, lifts its heavy arms to sign the papers, begins the first curve
of the first letter of our name. Then, like the startle of spring green,
the elementals return. Wood, poems, coffee. Warmth, beauty, love.
It is enough. Enough of a bridge that we slide toward the highway again,
write a new story that tells where we were and where we might be going.