10-Line Tuesday

April 29, 2014

upside down, inside out

Used to be, this was the way to entertain ourselves, turn the view
nonsensical, make a private little joke out of the stiff angles 
of the world. Such glee as the shapes slid and sloshed. How
we felt the power of our own bodies spinning this self-made axis.
The dizzier we got, the better we felt. Now, of course, 
it's the other way around. We scan footholds to avoid the chaos,
insist on the steady eye, the clear conscience, the stone-hard truth.
But still the bulls-eye wavers. We tilt, off-kilter, even as we stand,
the story curled into some unexpected chapter, the compass mocking.
And yet a beauty hides in our surrender. Our knees, our hearts unlocking.