10-Line Tuesday

October 20, 2015

balancing act

The leaves have begun their annual descent, and though I knew 
it was coming, I am grasping to summer's last straws, memories of the slow
dance the sun made with a Blue Ridge sky, the line out the door at Rita's 
for frozen custard, the dirt under my nails when I dug out our first 
radishes. It is hard, as the poem says, "to desire everything and nothing
at once and to desire it all the same," to stand, equipoised, on the fence 
that separates all that was from what will be, and rest in that tippy present
of what is while the sidewalks accumulate with the fallen and the day
abbreviates its sentences. And yet, isn't light at its most glorious no matter
how distant or close it appears? How our eyes keep blinking open, just in case.