10-Line Tuesday

June 16, 2015

in the interest of uncertainty 

“Bring it with you,” we say to our friend on the way to dinner,
referring to the guitar idling in the living room. “You never know.”
We amble down a puddle-strewn road toward lasagne, fresh-sliced watermelon,
a salad of local lettuce and the season’s first tomatoes,
making up band names and a title for her debut single.
She laughs and says, “In my dreams,” though somewhere nearby,
a café owner is chalking a sign that reads “Keep our musicians playing.”

A whole day will pass before an impromptu dare brings Katherine to a worn stage,
which she will climb, red-faced and hesitant. But for now, it’s simply this:
a woman with a song on her back, facing forward, and walking.