10-Line Tuesday

March 15, 2016

daylight savings

We can't seem to catch up to the calendar, folding into the couch with
heavy eyes so soon after dinner. In the morning, it takes more caffeine
than usual to meet the demands of wakefulness. Then again, look at what
we're waking into - each day, a fresh cycle of televised trouble, a cyclone twist
leveling the foundation of decency and sending us tumbling to the cellar steps
toward an improvised, temporary safety. We want to look away, but like any
gruesome disaster, we can't help but stare at the wreckage on our way down,
wondering how someone could have lost track of the road, or - worse - fallen asleep
at the wheel. Meanwhile, the sky keeps brightening by degrees, the season advancing
right on schedule, the crocuses ripening into the brightest purple we've ever seen.