10-Line Tuesday

April 26, 2016

don't wanna

The list of unavoidable things keeps growing. Aging and taxes (so certain)
but then there's the crack in the porch ceiling from that bad rain two months ago,
and your older son's grades, tumbling like the laundry he insists
he'll finish later, and the tree opposite the front door uprooting the sidewalk
one micromillimeter at a time, and that covetous sugar-hunger
scratching at your belly at 3 o'clock, and every trifling and terrifying break
you will make in the contract that is your life. How easy to face away from each inevitable
narrative, prop our attentions on the emptiest distraction- whose turn to take out the trash,
say, or which word will open the book we will write someday, when there's time, which,
of course, we will never quite have enough of when the pen, at last, hits the page.