10-Line Tuesday

February 27, 2018

paper, scissors, glue

Let's not forget to make things: bread, books, friends. Let's not dismiss
the tippy power of learning through error, of failing and falling
and finding ourselves, to our great and humble surprise, intact. Let's not
skip over the part of the story where a road is just a road, not a test between
two ambiguous choices or a moral or an aphorism, but an actual piece of land on which
our feet are simply...walking. Let's not sidestep presence or quit the muddy middle,
or bypass the stunning awkwardness of indecision and the inglorious rigor
of waiting. Let's not abandon the first small tools our teachers lay in our hands,
which were hardly small in our eyes. Look at what they gave us in a single afternoon - 
the inklings of a new city spread out on a flat wood desk, reaching proudly into tomorrow.