10-Line Tuesday

March 6, 2018

isn't the pineapple amazing?

We are miles from the source, and yet here we are, fork-deep
in a slice of pure gold, the drip of the tropics sliding down the tines.
Imagine: Someone reached into the folds of a tree and took the fruit down,
patting off the dregs of the last rain. There were a series of transports involving
various forms of wheels and engines. And after the tumble and travel, here
it is and here we are, face to face at the table. No matter what, let us not forget
there was an afternoon that peeled the wonder out of us and drew a draft
of Pacific air toward our kitchen, where we sat at the breakfast nook while March
still clung to the backyard lawn. Nothing was growing there, not yet, 
but inside, where it matters, all we saw was summer.