10-Line Tuesday

February 19, 2019


There are two choices for the drive to Minneapolis, but if you want to land in the 
happy accident that is the perfect sour cherry pie, you’ll opt out of the interstate
and wind through Wisconsin’s sleepy villages, your wheels hugging the Mississippi almost 
the entire time. Better yet, make the trip in winter, when the whole road will feel 
like an outstretched arm, the rolling farmland scenes to your right a paint-by-number:
baby blue, egret white, barn red. When you enter the empty shop, the cashier will look
unusually soft-eyed, and the man in charge of your order will add an extra scoop
of ice cream. Such kindnesses remain in the world, but you have to keep your foot 
light on the gas, and park, and get out of the car, and wrap your fingers around a door,
and pull.