"Get in the habit of welcoming your own words. You are making a map of the days you live." - Naomi Shihab Nye

I have been leading writing workshops, both live and online, since 2010. I believe we all carry an innate intelligence for story-gathering and storytelling, and that making these stories manifest into pieces of writing can happen in a gentle, welcoming setting. In this spirit, I guide students through simple, often playful exercises and activities that help strengthen their creative instincts in order to develop a writing practice that sticks. I also work one-on-one with those who need more accountability, feedback, and personal attention with their creative projects. My classes offer the opportunity to let loose and take risks in order to navigate the stories that matter, and at the heart of my teaching and facilitating work is a commitment to telling the truth with compassion and support. Below are my upcoming online classes, which are open to both new and seasoned writers.

Letters to My Former Selves

June 4-10, 2018

“Letters to My Former Selves" is an exercise in letting in and letting go, in saying hello and farewell in the same breath, and most of all, in finding the humor, tenderness and self-compassion in those narratives in which we might have experienced the opposite. As we pen notes to our old incarnations and reconsider the time and context in which we inhabited these selves, we might discover the gifts that live within the shadows of these stories, and the light they cast on our past, our present, and perhaps even our future.

I'll be sending daily prompts to help jumpstart your letters, and you are invited to share the results and interact with other participants in a private online group (on

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The Clearing Begins: An Introduction to Editing Your Work
from 275.00

This 4-, 6-, 8-, or 12-session writing exchange will give you the opportunity to work one-on-one with me to hone your editing skills. Here's how it will work:

Once a week, you'll send me a piece of writing (up to 750 words) that you would like help revising, along with your top concerns and questions about the piece. I will read your work and offer detailed feedback, including the "what," "why," and "how" of my editing recommendations, and send the piece back to you. 

Whether you've got some writing in your desk drawer (or on your desktop screen) that could use another pair of eyes, new work that needs fine-tuning, or you're looking to upgrade your creative output with some critical editing skills, this is a wonderful way to approach your words with a fresh perspective that will energize and inform your entire writing process. 

4 sessions: $275
6 sessions: $375 (save $37.50)
8 sessions: $475 (save $75.00)
12 sessions: $725 (save $100.00)

Choose your own start date and timeline by emailing me at

Number of sessions:
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Announcing a new opportunity for creatives!

I MADE THIS! A creative accountability program for doers, darers, and dreamers

I believe everyone has the capacity to meet their intentions with action, but we each have a highly personal set of circumstances, ideas, rituals, and behaviors specific to our creative practice and process. "I MADE THIS" is a 5-week accountability experience designed exclusively for people itching and ready to move their creative project toward completion, and my goal as its facilitator is to create and support an environment that celebrates progress in all forms.

"I MADE THIS" activities include developing a personal "playbook" to strategize successful goal-setting, once-weekly assignments, mid-week pep talks sent to your inbox, inspiration to fuel your progress, and scheduled one-on-one Skype/Google Hangout call.

Participants will work in a one-one-one setting with me.

What are you doing, daring, or dreaming up? If you're looking for a productive, proactive, and positive navigational system to guide your project to its satisfactory finish, "I MADE THIS" is made for you.

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