"Get in the habit of welcoming your own words. You are making a map of the days you live." - Naomi Shihab Nye

I have been leading writing workshops, both live and online, since 2010. I believe we all carry an innate intelligence for story-gathering and storytelling, and that making these stories manifest into pieces of writing can happen in a gentle, welcoming setting. In this spirit, I guide students through simple, often playful exercises and activities that help strengthen their creative instincts in order to develop a writing practice that sticks. I also work one-on-one with those who need more accountability, feedback, and personal attention with their creative projects. My classes offer the opportunity to let loose and take risks in order to navigate the stories that matter, and at the heart of my teaching and facilitating work is a commitment to telling the truth with compassion and support. Below are my upcoming online classes, which are open to both new and seasoned writers.

Letters to My Former Selves

October 22-28, 2018
November 12-18, 2018

“Letters to My Former Selves" is an exercise in letting in and letting go, in saying hello and farewell in the same breath, and most of all, in finding the humor, tenderness and self-compassion in those narratives in which we might have experienced the opposite. As we pen notes to our old incarnations and reconsider the time and context in which we inhabited these selves, we might discover the gifts that live within the shadows of these stories, and the light they cast on our past, our present, and perhaps even our future.

I'll be sending daily prompts to help jumpstart your letters, and you are invited to share the results and interact with other participants in a private online group (on

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Tri Writing: 3 Lines a Day

Dates: October 8-19, 2019

When the blank page feels too big to fill, the best way to fill it is to reduce its real estate. During this course, we're going to keep the writing at the barest minimum - just 3 lines a day - but we'll write for two weeks straight, which will help us develop a rhythm for a practice and a growing commitment to our work.

As we share our writing throughout the course we'll see just how varied the experience can be, and we'll begin to notice the poetic beauty and the small but important stories living around us at any given moment. By narrowing our gaze to 3 lines a day, we'll be practicing both efficiency and depth, honing in on the elementals - those crucial details and ideas that ultimately become the backbone of our larger work. This course gives participants a manageable and dynamic way to begin a writing practice, stay accountable to their writing, and to engage in their creativity with a community of fellow writers who will provide further inspiration.

Class size limited to 15.

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