Creative Consultation

I have worked for more than 20 years providing communications support for individual and corporate clients. An editorial consultation is intended expressly as a short-term engagement for those who have individual pieces or manuscripts that need revision. This option is an great way to quickly and comprehensively bring your work to the final draft stage.

An editorial consultation with me offers:
• experienced guidance and compassionate support
 • a safe and productive container to move your writing forward
• a sense of camaraderie in the creative process
• lasting inspiration and tools for future work
• an opportunity to free old habits and find fresh focus

In our work together, you will receive:
• an initial exchange via phone or email to outline your needs for revision
• a time and cost estimate for your project
• a schedule for completion, subject to your agreement
• progress updates via email
• finalized editorial recommendations for your piece(s) by the agreed-upon completion date

I charge $100/hour.

Contact me at and we can begin a dialogue about what kind of writing support you need.

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Eagle-Eye Editing

If you're looking for editorial support only, I am also happy to work with you! My deep background in a variety of editorial environments - publishing, public relations, education, industrial design, and more - and both individual, communal, and corporate settings - has provided me with an unconventionally broad reach. If you've got a piece of writing that needs an efficient and experienced second look, look no further. $85/hour.