Emails for Lines

The "10-line Tuesday" poem I wrote and sent on February 7, 2017 was composed entirely of lines taken from emails I'd written a week before:

in no particular order

Something is calling to be made today, I’m sure of it.
How much information and emotional intensity can we handle at any given time?
There are many ways to respond, and also many ways to act.
I'm holding down the fort.
Happy to do the maintenance and updates.
How much these lists have come to mean in such a short time.
Can you help with next steps?
I can only imagine the wattage our group might generate.
The power of expression. The necessity of voice.
Something is calling to be made today, I’m sure of it.

I posed a challenge to my readers: to supply lines from the emails they'd sent during that same time and send them to me for collecting and publishing. Here are the results:

As always I leave room for not knowing.
Next time you are in a shop, would you see if there is a small, cheap alternative?
What a thing to have to deal with.
I’ve lost the last page.  You must have it.
I like that, rough around the edges
Don’t worry, you will see all of mine.
Mine are swirling around inside my head popping out at odd moments.
I’ll sweep them up soon.
Do you have any idea why I have them??
I bet you'd enjoy it more at your leisure.

- Rebecca

Please know I really do appreciate the time and effort you've taken with this.
All the talk about foxes today reminded me of one of my favorite songs...
I'm swooning with delight.
I usually orient mine horizontally.
I did a complete removal of everything from my main altar.
We're called to share our joy more openly and widely these days.
We'll hold energy and love that this is the turn around that does the trick.
I'm guessing something must have happened to damage the label.
Now there are only a very few treasures on it.
I feel like I'm layering in all new levels of info.

- Deborah Weber

What a beautiful week it was
we can sort through our feelings from that awkward meeting
I haven't asked anyone to join, have you?
I've cleared my cookies but the film will not load
I don't want to stop writing these short grief outbursts
Is something going on that I can help you sort out?
we should discuss further, as I am not at all clear of your meaning
Always good to feel your kindness.

- Lynn Byrd

We live in a “blank canvas”
The cranes are still out there
I didn’t realize that she was a new instructor
I already had the text
I plan to arrive around noon
She died not long after that apprenticeship
I’m so glad you got the hat
Thank you for facilitating this exchange!
Persistence is key
See, I told you I was big-boned!

- Susan Marynowski

"I'd love a cup of tea with you.
Three days that felt like two weeks.
It's been a trip!
Making a journey toward recovery.
Couldn't find any horse wings.
We've been chowing down on your yummy date squares.
Can't wait for Spring!
Take care of yourself too.
Let me know when you have a few minutes to talk.
I'd love a cup of tea with you."

- Donna Sellers

You will march on my sign.
I just wanted to let you know that it had been switched out.
The offending [item] should stop showing up.
Thank you for the clarification.
I'm not sure I'd ever wear this, but it's nice to know that people who are really into Sailor Moon now can find stuff to show it.
Getting the hell off social media makes total sense.
The honest answer is that I didn't realize this required coordination.
I'm assuming it would be a few hundred (at least) per month, but I don't know how to actually estimate that.
I feel like this has happened several times, where I get too antsy and ask for information just before it comes to my inbox.
Thank you!  Everything looks great!

- Katherine Hunt

I love the way you identify yourself in the beginning.
You invite us to be heard and befriend.
So simple.
I can’t tell you how glad I was to see your Sovereign face and to meet your Love.
I delight in your happiness
Some strange and good things are happening in the midst of this nonsense.
Let’s hold hands and put our names in the hat!
All of us can do those two things.
Thanks for pioneering a brave path.

- Nan Seymour

I thought you were going in for surgery on 14th
I just took a look at right move and wondered if this was the house you saw on St John’s Rd?
the only downside of the project is never seeing the person’s work who’s in front of you!
Yes, I have your email about Breige
(The alternative is Anthony and Cleopatra on Saturday.)
Karen did ask me to do this and I forgot.  
no point in money sitting in an account for months.
So sorry.
in haste
The good news was as shocking as bad news :)

- Beth Bolton

good lord!
everyone keeps telling me I need to know you,
but kids get sick or weather deters or life happens -
maybe you don’t have an iPhone?
We can do an extra-special love promotion this week,
the timing is perfect with Valentine’s Day coming.
Do you prefer Skype?
I suppose I am too lucky and have all I need,
but I am always appreciative of your support and insight.

- Amy Tingle

When you need cayenne in your coffee to feel the taste of anything…
It makes sense, and is it blaming the victim, all at once?
The shot was fine. We’ll see how I feel in a week.
But, still, it was one thing I accomplished.
This is getting my fingers flowing.
Don’t tell anyone there is even one thing I like about winter.
It seems baffling to me. That’s why god made cats.
Perhaps life is incurable because it doesn’t need to be cured?
…there's a thick film between your tongue and the flavors of the world.
Please let me know if/when this would work out best.

- Sarah Sullivan

I am assuming that the universe wants you to have this poem back.
the stars began to burn
Sending love, strength, hope, peace and light to you!
The light you are seeking has always been within.
Yes, that all sounds good to me.
We have attended a funeral almost every week since the year began.
 Do you want to see us in our masks?
They should continue to bloom over the next week and fill her home with a sweet smell and cheerful vibe.
The sun is shining just for you!
Our event location has been changed!

- Renee Norris

Finally back to this.
I can usually find the good in anything, and with this I'm totally lost. 
I'm sure it was a very hard decision; we will deal with the fallout together.
Obviously that didn't happen (and I suppose that is another thing to be thankful for).
I was wondering if I might be able to get a little help with this.
Just a tip: use radiator.
And maybe bring some of our new friends back for tea?
We have an indoor option in case of inclement weather.
As an aside, what can you make with erbium, terbium, nickel, iron, and chromium?
End of surprise.

- Catherine Joseph

I was glad to see it going more modern, but sad he painted the brick.
Hot Date Night!
I would suspect the snow is fabulous this year.
3 feet of snow or more in the city and wickedly nasty inversion.
We had no idea it was in the box.
happiness from across the pond—
I have moved to the “rainforest” — there is moss every where here!
A gardening we will go-
The sky is falling in bucket loads today.
It is art that brought us together, but it is our hearts and souls that keeps us close.

- Dana Perez

"She has always loved playing, but she wasn't ready to commit before."
Tonight we start the TAKE ACTION part of the Journey.
I don't have a preference on this, but we should probably get it over with.
No need to spend a fortune.
I won't know what you need, so tell me.
What are your thoughts about this?
I just want to give you a heads up, you are doing a really good job.
Please reach out to me with any questions.
You don't have me in there?
(Insert extreme eye rolling here)
You should remember to show the kids this.

- Michelle T. Harris