Announcing a new opportunity for creatives!

A Creative Accountability Program
for Doers, Darers, and Dreamers


This is not about self-critique or regret or apology or whatever came before that's delayed or kept you from your best-laid plans. This is not about how fast can you rise to the top or about someone else doing it better. This is not about setting the bar unreachably high or beating our neighbor to the finish.

This IS about:

• recognizing the intention and purpose of your offerings
• conscious, meaningful steps from ideation to action
• measurable milestones and tangible outcomes
• finding resonance and reward in the process
• a renewed sense of purpose and value
• developing clarity for and confidence in your commitment
• camaraderie, connection, and celebration

I believe everyone has the capacity to meet their intentions with action, but we each have a highly personal set of circumstances, ideas, rituals, and practices specific to our creative practice and process. "I MADE THIS" is an accountability experience designed exclusively for people itching and ready to move their creative project toward completion, and my goal as its facilitator is to design and support an environment that celebrates progress in all forms.

"I MADE THIS" activities include:

• developing a personal "playbook" to strategize successful goal-setting
• once-weekly assignments
• mid-week pep talks sent to your inbox
• inspiration to fuel your progress
• scheduled one-on-one Skype/Google Hangout calls
• optional group exchanges
• and more!

Participants can choose to work together in a small group (facilitated by me), or in an one-one-one setting with me only. 

What are you doing, daring, or dreaming up? If you're looking for a productive, proactive, and positive navigational system to guide your project to its satisfactory finish, "I MADE THIS" is made for you. Registration opens Tuesday, October 10, 2017.

$375 / small group - 10 spots available
$575 / one-on-one - 5 spots available