6-Week Mentorship Program

does this sound like you?

  • I’m a writer, and I know that deep down in my bones, I have something important to say.
  • More than anything, I want to tell the truth. And I am willing to do the work to tell it.
  • I want to get better at my writing practice, and I need to be supported, guided, and challenged to do that.
  • I don’t need my ego stroked, but I want to know that I am safe to make a mess.
  • I wish there were personal trainers for writers. I need someone to keep me on track and help me kick my stories into shape.

here's what I know

Writing takes work. It takes commitment. It takes a willingness to get vulnerable, make blind leaps of faith, and have a lot of resiliency with the process. When we write, we are in the midst of a profound practice of investigating ourselves and the world around us. Writing can heal, bridge chasms, and make peace with that which has been at war – in ourselves and with others. 

I feel strongly that writing carries power, and so it is the responsibility of the writer to wield it carefully, and to submit herself to the task of writing with humility, stamina, a willingness to be afraid and uncertain, and the ability to find compassion in the story she is telling. I believe that writing is not so much a journey as it a mirror for a way of life. To me, writing is a stirring awake, a call to action, an act of freedom.

what mentoring does

Mentoring offers a custom-tailored environment to develop and deepen your creative work, a positive, encouraging space to explore and experiment, and personalized instruction and feedback that can dramatically advance your writing. A mentor helps establish appropriate goal setting, milestones, and deadlines designed for your specific needs, and keeps you accountable to them.

Mentoring is for those who seek more extensive support for their writing practice and are looking to build their body of work with a curriculum and schedule that provides a more sustained level of interaction and focus.

why I want to work with you (and why you want to work with me)

I see the mentoring relationship as a collaboration. I bring my skills and experience as a writer, editor, and facilitator—providing gentle but firm support, generative instruction, and strong leadership—and you bring your desire to commit time and attention to your writing. Because of the demands of this dynamic, it’s vital that those I work with come prepared to write and come prepared to look at their writing more critically.

This can be rigorous, soul-searching work, but the rewards are numerous. Through a writing mentorship, there is comfort in knowing that the process is being witnessed, supported, and nourished. In my role as mentor, I consider myself both an ally and a guide, keeping you company in your experience while providing encouragement, active direction, and focused motivation to move you forward in productive ways. My work with you is intended to improve and sustain a positive connection to your writing, but my larger hope through a mentoring relationship is that this exploration reveals to you the person you want to become through your writing.

If you are looking for an opportunity to get down in the mud with your writing, and are open to the process of working in an environment of transparency, honesty, courage, and dedication, then I would welcome the chance to be your guide.

mentorship schedule

Our 6-week session includes:
• a pre-questionnaire with your current goals, challenges, approach, and general thoughts about your writing
• an opportunity to submit 1-3 pieces to me each week (up to 3,000 words total each week)
• extensive editing and feedback via email on each submitted piece
• two Skype/Google Chat check-ins throughout the session
• once-weekly prompts or exercises (when requested) to jumpstart new work or stimulate revision on existing pieces
• my final written assessment, recommendation, and strategy for next steps

In addition, you will receive:
• inspiration, techniques, and skills to refine your writing
• a realistic pace, schedule, and deadlines to keep you accountable
• productive, stabilizing, and motivational support
• a stronger, clearer perspective on your work
• new confidence in your creative voice
• sustainable connection and commitment to your practice
• flexibility to comfortably incorporate writing into the demands of daily life
• an increased feeling of visibility, recognition, creative nourishment, and progress
• a guided experience to bring your publishing projects to fruition

The cost for a 6-week writing mentorship is $1,150.00. Payment plans are available.
If you're looking for a shorter-term engagement, consider my One-Minute Mentoring or Creative Consultation options.

To get started, please fill out this initial self-assessment form and click "Submit." Once you submit the form, I will contact you about the information you provide and we will discuss the possibility of working together.

Note: Filling this form out does not serve as a contract for a mentorship engagement with me, or any binding document regarding an intended financial transaction between us.

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