One-Minute Mentoring

Do you need help navigating a piece of writing, an iteration of an idea, or the next steps of your creative project, but don't want to engage in a long-term commitment with a class or a coach? One-Minute Mentoring is for those who want immediate guidance and swift solutions to address the real-time concerns and challenges of their creative work. 

is it for you?

One-Minute Mentoring is for people wanting purposeful, precise direction for a their project, idea, or piece of writing. These sessions are intended as focused and dedicated time to quickly identify challenges and develop strategies to resolve them. One-Minute Mentoring is NOT therapy (I am not a licensed counselor), but our work together may certainly be therapeutic, and it is my intention to offer guidance and feedback that will impact both the immediate work, and the broader work that follows it.

how it works

We will be meeting face-to-face" via Skype, Google Hangouts, or Oovoo. A few days before our video call, I will send you a brief questionnaire about what you would like to discuss, including any relevant details that will help orient me to your work, as well as approximately how long you would like to talk. I will call you at the appointed time and we will quickly and efficiently get to the heart of your questions. I will follow-up with thoughts and remarks after our call. It's that simple. You may schedule one call or several - it's up to you!

The fee for One-Minute Mentoring is $1 a minute. I charge for our call-time only, and will bill you directly after our call. 

To get started, simply email me or fill out this brief form to let me know what you need help with and when you'd like to connect.

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