Various and Sundry Poetry

Things My Grandather Said The Day Before His 85th Birthday

""It's terrific, if I do say so myself."
""You know my idea of a great breakfast? - Steak and champagne."
"We like the Queen Elizabeth - the Queen Mary's much too big."
"They call me the impresario of New Haven."
"By now, I can distinguish between Korean, Chinese, and Japanese."
"I've got a lot of adopted granddaughters. In fact, one of Shira's friends..." (pause) "Some girl."
"They call him Berman the Bear because he can really pound the piano."
"I wanted to take away some money from you guys and make it easier on my executor."
"Would anybody like some of the Plan B cake?"
"I have 75 protegés."

and my personal favorite...

"She comes in with Puerto Ricans at 3 in the morning and they sleep it off downstairs in the basement."