Various and Sundry Poetry

all i can promise

aim high,
the air force commercial said.
but instead, tonight,
my love
i'll tell you this:

i've got no immediate plans
to learn the polka
or speak perfect french
or run for office
or play better tennis
or skate flawlessly
or make a regular habit of yoga
or read all the classics
or save my dying orchid.

i don't intend
to run marathons
or resist a good chocolate cake
or speak too soon
or speak too softly
or lie, catatonic, in front of The Apprentice,
or lie my way out of trouble
or lie down without you.

i can't say
there'll be a theatrical debut
or a nobel prize
or a magic potion
or a winning lottery ticket.

all i know
is that there will be days
we will get so tired,
the two of us,
just tired.

so will you forgive me,
my love,
if all i can promise you, tonight,
is sleep?