Various and Sundry Poetry

billions and billions

helium balloons
sixteenth birthdays
blunders. my first bra.
breasts and what to do about it all.
beautiful mistakes, like what writing is.
bandaids on skinned knees.
bravado. benevolence. just barely.
banana blow jobs, then the real thing.
boyfriends. beefcake. blender. bad behavior. a bed.
back home. backless chairs. blankets. bordering on lonesome.
bent at the knee. built to last. better off.
one day, a bar. a blip on the map. buying her a beer.
banter. brazilian music. tango at the bathroom.
billions and billions of reasons to say no.
bumpy. bedraggled. berieved. brew-haha. be careful.
but altogether different.
because. between. before. behind. below. beneath.
be here now.
be brave.
blow this thing right down.
bare bones.
be who you are.
best thing.
be loved.