Various and Sundry Poetry

sea and nest

Muddy holes where toys were lost
Window corners full of frost
Alleyways where trash was tossed -
These hold no shine for me.

Aching body, faltering mind
Leaving late and loving blind
Picking fruit for rot and rind -
Why not just let things be?

I'd rather skip than run amok
I'd rather face my life than duck
I'm happy grabbing for good luck
That's falling off each tree.

It doesn't mean I don't get mad
Or have some issues with my Dad
Or lose my temper kind of bad
One day (or two or three).

It's just...who wants to be the one
Who can't enjoy a little fun,
Who passes by a splash of sun
That's aimed this perfectly?

The holes are puddles meant to splash in
Windows open so cheeks won't ashen
The alleyways I like to dash in -
A hiding place to pee.

My mind is working, therefore blessed
My body is both sea and nest
I pick the fruit that looks the best
And there I find the key.

To see what light breaks through the din
To feel the warmth outside, within
To hold each beauty by the chin
And not just look at - see.

Of course there's mess under this rug
And water drains when there's no plug
But my heart knows how to feel a tug
And that's what sets me free.