Various and Sundry Poetry


I tend forget that my body is like piece of machinery, with a limit to how much it can be pushed and pulled and thrown hither and thither. So I'm always surprised when it doesn't the work the way I expect, when there's an ache or a tightness or inflexibility that makes doing something more difficult. I tend to ignore it, or try to, thinking that the kinks will simply work themselves out and I'll be just like new again, bouncing back into the bones of the 12-year-old girl I imagine, in my mind's eye, perpetually inhabit. But maybe because it's spring, or maybe because I'm about to turn the big 3-5, or maybe it's that I'm finally getting it that I'm not indestructible, but right now, I feel like I need a serious tune-up, or an oil-change or one of those 50,000 mile check-ups, or maybe a few of my parts replaced.