Various and Sundry Poetry

this or that

One day I'm thinking about training for a marathon in Hawaii
and the next I'm wondering if the next two years should,
instead, be spent building an eco-conscious
bed & breakfast inn and retreat center in northern California
or somewhere cheaper, like New England. Which takes me to zoning laws
and solar panels and whether or not I will be able
to play perpetual hostess, and away from the laps
around the track I've been accumulating over the week.
And then I remember: what about building houses for
Habitat for Humanity, or traveling around the world
taking photographs, or becoming a basketball coach
or an English teacher? What about walking across country for a year,
or hiking the Appalachian trail or bicycling across Ireland
or becoming a Big Sister to some sweet but troubled girl
living on a shoestring in East Oakland?
Can I squeeze in a songwriting career and a stint
with the circus and when will I learn to really play the guitar
and take voice lessons, and what about that idea of
going back to school and will there be marriage
and children and if so how will I find the time
to be advertising copywriter and come up with
culturally significant taglines like "Just Do It"?