Various and Sundry Poetry

thanks to the body-delivererswith a nod to Sonya

Thank you to the basketball, the frying pan, the bed.
To parquet, to Teflon, to the count in the thread.
To the court, to the kitchen, to a sphere of moonlight.
To the arc, to the flip, the caress in the night.
To speed, and to patience, and tenderness too.
To teamwork, to solitude, to me and to you.
Thank you to fingertips, to taste buds, to tongue
To shot clocks, to timers, to alarm bells unrung.
Thank you to warm-up, to bite-size, to kiss.
To mascot, to fork, to the hand you can’t miss.
To rules and to recipes and the laws of attraction
Thank you to instinct and fervor and action.
To wins and to clean plates and perfect romances.
Thank you even for misfires and failures, last chances
Thank you to solid, to liquid, to skin.
To outstretched, and outward, and always, within.
Thank you to grace, and to nuance, and subtext.
Thank you for this touch, and the next, and the next.