Various and Sundry Poetry

spilling out like a river

I dreamt I as a backup singer and dancer for a John Cougar Mellencamp reunion concert. On the day I audition, I'm the only one there, so I figure that I'll be the only one on stage besides John for the concert. I'm nervous about this because I don't know his songs that well, except for "Jack and Diane" and a few others, and there's one song in particular that's really been hard to rehearse. But on the evening of the concert, I'm backstage with dozens of other dancers and signers, and I realize they must be performing backup too - we're all wearing these overall shorts and short-sleeved polo shirts. And when the concert starts we all run on stage and take our various positions on it and it occurs to me that the other people on the stage with me will probably know some of the songs I don't know as well, which means I won't have to agonize about getting it perfectly, and sure enough when the tough song comes up, a number of the other performers are belting out the lyrics, which allows me to not have to sing as loudly. And I am grateful for this, grateful that I don't have to get it exactly right, because when the time comes to sing the songs I know, they come spilling out of me like a river, like I can't be stopped.