Various and Sundry Poetry

Dear Olympia

There is no number one on the keys, dear Olympia. Nor is there a zero. Are you trying to tell me something? Like maybe the binary system has no place here. Is that it? Black and white, good and evil, tall or short, young or old...dichotomies are no longer useful - do I have that right? What I've noticed lately is that when she's happy, I am too. And when her tears come, I feel that same tug in my heart, and my own soon follow. This afternoon, I planted basil, two kinds of tomatoes, peppers, and yellow beans. I went inside to wash the dirt from under my fingernails before heading back out to water, but right when I was finished drying my hands, she came in and announced, "All watered!" and I thought how amazing it was that without even saying who was doing what, the planting and watering got done. And if that isn't a great metaphor, I don't know what is.