10-Line Tuesday

February 13, 2018


You will know what to do, you tell a friend breathless at the ridge of trouble.
Be patient. The answer will come, you advise. Stay open to the truthTry for actual
gentlenessLife will bring you back home, you continue, paraphrasing Rumi.
Don't judge yourself so harshly. You can love your way through this, or Sometimes,
the riskier step is no stepBut first, Sweetheart, you've got to get a good night's sleep.
Later, of course, you will rub sand on your own tenderness, convince a grand error
from a simple mistake, make hard tracks in the room and stay awake, flicking
the mud out with a toothpick. You will thrust too much weight on your back
and refuse relief. Squaring off against another's pain, you have fistfuls of softness
to give away. But in the eye of your own needle, how are you holding the thread?