Various and Sundry Poetry

praise refuge

woman at a table writing
stepping into a hot shower
the meal coming out right
no traffic
morning sunlight and little conversation
a good phone call with your father
an early bedtime with a good book
hot coffee with cream
praise refuge

your older sister asking for advice
a full tank of gas and no expectations
a surprise markdown at the register
a pair of red underwear
a bowl of strawberries and vanilla ice cream
praise refuge

white napkins
a ziplocked back of snap peas
frozen chocolate chip cookie dough
a good sneeze
ice water
praise refuge

pipe cleaners and time on your hands
a man's impromptu biceps
fresh air after a party
waking up early
waking up hungry
a game of hopscotch
tea in winter
thrown snowballs
a made bed
Sunday at 3
grand pianos
praise refuge