Various and Sundry Poetry

the commitments

here's a list of what i can commit to this week:
upending a coffee mug somewhere inopportune;
forgetting the time or a promised errand;
silent fury at the both the news
and my not knowing enough;
impatience with slow drivers, the weather,
and my body;
indiscriminate moments of sadness;
a fear of the smaller, unsatisfactory failures
which may or may not be related to my upbringing;
and the occasional worry that i
may not be doing what i should.

but also what i know is this:
there will be an earnest attempt
to make biscuits;
i will take my vitamins;
i will read a good book;
i will ignore the grey;
i will stretch before sleep;
i will appreciate ice water;
i will not ignore the moon;
i will carry my weight;
i will recycle
to the best of my ability;
i will say something
i absolutely mean;
and each night i will fall to sleep,
in irrepressible gratitude
with your arms around me.