Various and Sundry Poetry


Oh, this velvet reprieve of Sleep,
my true friend, my simple, necessary grace -
if I promise to pay attention, to keep
my eyes open once I wake, will you give me your embrace?
If I tell you I will walk my path alert, upright,
and watch the road for signs of danger nearing,
will you bless my drowsy lashes closed tonight?
Will you give me just a moment's silent clearing?
The stars are out, my love, in luminescent beam.
So come. Let's fall away. Let's disappear. Let's dream.

I'm off on my own personal hiatus...a week in the Nevada desert to join the throngs at Burning Man. No phone, no email, no blogs. I think the airwave silence will do me good. I challenge you to break one habit this week. Which routine behavior / activity / distraction / obsession, are you willing to do without?