Various and Sundry Poetry

sing past the dirt

there's so much to keep track of, add up, figure out,
so much to give way and give in and feel doubt.
so much to lose sight of, fall short and fall down
so much to crack up and upset in this town.

the air is so vicious, this world's full of crazy,
it's so tempting to shut down and simply get lazy.
our minds are so loose that our memory's hazy.
we forget which is rose and which is the daisy.

so before the sun rises again in the east,
before our tongues loose of another mad beast
before the rain tumbles and ruins the feast
let's take just a minute, a minute at least.

this night is a pool. let us swim. let us be.
let's ignore all the dishes piling up at our knee.
let's sing past the dirt and the dust and the scree.
one minute's enough for a you and a me.